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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Basic Income Grant

By Tino Rozzo CLAWS INTERVIEW FORUM RESULTThis is a exchange between Creating Living Alternative To Wage Slavery. As Socialists, we view oursleves as a labor party, but we are also a leisure party. 1. Why should People Collect a Basic Income Grant?To not share the wealth of a society in an equitable way is to ensure suffering, strife and will inhibit the evolution of both the individual and the group involved.2. Aren't people who don't want to work lazy? Shouldn't they contribute to Society?Everyone able should contribute to the society but this in no way requires anyone to have a dead-end job with subsistence wages and questionable benefits. All that are able should be required to supply a variety of services in their community at times as well as be encouraged to explore their natural talents and abilities.3. Some people think everyone can have a job, and that welfare recipients are leeches of society. What is your view?I do not agree, though the current welfare system is detrimental to both the recipient and the society. Based on the economic model that is currently utilized by the society of the USA not everyone can have a job. In fact the economic strategist plan and manipulate the system so that labor is always in abundance and therefore cheap thus ensuring that not all will be employed and that many who are will be under-employed and involved in meaningless labors.4. How would people handle a leisure society? Wouldn't their be work created through leisure?From personal experience I would say that those who are now or recently have been employed in a position where they willingly apply themselves to their tasks will have a more difficult time making the transition than their counterparts who have not invested so much of themselves into their work. The question should not be whether their will be more work created but rather whether it would more useful and satisfying work on both an individual level as well as a societal level.5. Is the economy really doing well, and is it an employee's market?The economy is based on false assumptions and many inequalities and thus has never worked well for all the participants. At present it is doing great damage to the environment and to any people that are not positioned in it's hierarchy.6. Are there any examples of good companies to work for that are progressive?What yardstick is 'Good' qualified by and who decided what standard is used? There are many well meaning people and thus well meaning companies and some that are called progressive or enlightened. But as they are subject to the rules of the current system of economics and the inertia of their underlying cultural beliefs I have yet to find any G'ood' (for the individuals, for the company, for all societies and for the environment) companies. Maybe I haven't looked enough. I would love to hear from anyone about "Good' companies out there.7. What political organizations do you support?At present none.* It should be noted CLAWS isn't part of the SPUSA and many CLAWS may or may not have political affiliations.8. Tell us a bit about the world of work today. The Harris Poll says Everyone is satisfied with their jobs. Is that true?No everyone is not happy with their work today. In fact a great number are not happy on some level (generally more than one). Personally I find the general concept of work in this culture (USA) supports and in fact forces people to become so busy with either work or the prospect of surviving that the possibility for a true democracy is undermined. In addition, the amount of work required has increased for many individuals which translates into less time for individuals/families to evolve and grow in meaningful ways. Work as it is currently contrived too often dehumanizes and thus steals true life experience from those who must work. Quite frankly there is a great deal of unnecessary work being performed and the workload as well as the benefits of it are not equitably shared. This leads to greater class distinction/differences and undermines the very concepts basic to a true democracy and leads to unneeded suffering and strife. It's a well designed machine ensuring that power and privilege stays in the hand of the few, and I'll add, any hope of true enlightenment for the masses.Thank you for the opportunity to not only express my current views but also by being involved with providing a forum where I might learn more via the comments/experiences of others.Chuck Kilmer

Socialism is For the Middle Class Too.


VALUES: We are human beings and it can be assumed we share the same values. Everyone likes peace, ecology, animals. Everyone has the ability to feel compassion and love, Everyone has the notion we can have a better life and fulfillment. We all wish to fulfill out aspirations.

MYTHS AND LIES:You have heard many lies and myths about Socialism and it is about time we clear things up. We live in a time where television inundates us with Horatio Alger myths. Infomercials tell us we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. These are nothing more the get rich quick schemes based in lies.

No, actually many things you have heard about socialism is fact erroneous.
Many programs can actually reduce cost and eliminate wasteful government.
National Health Care: Can actually downsize unnecessary Government
And taxes “will not rise.”
Welfare Reform: The Basic Income Grant can actually downsize useless government offices and, intern, eliminate poverty. The money spent on useless government can reduce government, save on taxes, and give each citizen a Guaranteed Income. Even with this so called Hand Out-The price of Government employees and their bosses could be used for the BIG and still save money.
There are many programs the government has the costs the tax payer-redundant government-buddy jobs-corporate welfare-white collar crimes. These all cost the tax payer billions of dollars.

ACTUALLY EXCISTING CAPITALISM: Capitalists are not loyal. People going into business actually think they are Capitalists. In many sense they are. But how many times have Capitalists sold out their loyalty? If you once owned a pharmacy you will find Capitalists Politicians make it possible for franchises to compete with YOUR Business with special breaks. While 350 pharmacies go out of business everyday-there are new Chain Store Pharmacies, that put them out of business. Notice how many of your old friends have gone out of business to be replaced by the franchise business.
While the local government privatizes the public utility. The public utility is free to use deregulation to increase prices, provide inefficient services, and these companies don’t even live in or no our Communities.
In Montana a time honored Electric Utility was privatized. This near 100 year old dependable utility was ravaged when privatized. The entire community, even local stores went into economic collapse.
While in Montana in another location, the is a Co-operative power plant, and a Business Co-op which people from miles around use. These Co-ops give employees work place democracy and saved the local economy because of the maintenance if fair equity and stabilization of the economy. No privatization nor price gouging. This can be viewed as an Actually existing Socialist economy. Even with out a Socialist government. Even the time honored Entrepreneur gets a chance to survive.

SOCIALIST ECONOMIES DON”T WORK AND BRING UP TAXES: Conservatives use foreign countries like Sweden to point out high taxes. Sweden as many countries has little resources. These countries lack a
National wealth that can help with their economies.
But we have had Socialism in America. In Milwaukee, while the great depression raged on the city was the only city in the USA not to go into Default. A Milwaukee newspapers reported lately-“Things were not This Bad When The Socialists Where in Office.” In The Karala State of India they have use a Combination of Keynesian and Marxist ideas to run there economy and the Karala State is now one of the premier States in Asia.
Many Cities in the USA are using the Socialist ideas of Sustainability. Chattanooga, Evansville, and a few other cities have used Old Socialist Ideology of Sustainability to clear up pollution, improve the quality of life, and allow for a more stable economy. Even with out a Socialist government Socialist ideas are implemented for town and city improvement.

Today Corporations have employees leave their life insurance policy to the company rather then their families. Also, the wealthy get free SUVs and Beach Front Houses on special government programs.
Enron and other Corporations invested their employees retirement funds in the stock market and lost
Everyone’s pension. It seems that the Government provides Socialism for the rich, how about you?
Committee Too Elect Rozzo-Box543 Newfield NJ 08344

Facts and Myths About Elections

The Myths and Facts About Elections:
By Tino Rozzo

We always hear that when one almost similar candidate runs, that they could take votes away from the one of the two party candidates. This is a myth. Why, because the facts are
People will vote for anyone, that is an independent, that is not tied to the two party system.
In Europe each country has many political parties. In Some countries there are five, to seven, and in rare cases ten major political parties in which none is denied access.
Each has equal timing in the media.
The media, Unlike the United States is objective and fair. That is because the US media is owned by major corporations that own the two party system and they wish to control the political future.
Lies like Spoiler, vote stealer, and others are given to those who oppose the two party system. This works slightly because of media messaging and addiction to the two party system. This is the case in England where the two popular parties are the Conservatives and Labor. However in England varied Socialist and independent groups can win in minor categories.
In the United States, only 30% of voters vote. 70% don’t vote because they are not happy with the system and will not vote for alternative parties, as they should. It is unconstitutional to make voting compulsory. In Europe Voting in compulsory.
The reason Europe has better Democratic Elections can be credited to the Democratic Socialist Parties on one hand, and historically people in Europe in the past did not have the right to vote because most people where serfs, and there where very few if any Democracies, let alone Republics. People have a greater appreciation for the vote because many people where denied for centuries. The United States is a relatively young country,
We have not had our age of Philosophy, or a golden era of Renaissance.
. The United States is still undemocratic policy. There was a time only landowners could vote, women’s suffrage only happened in the Twenties, Minorities finally got a chance to vote.
Messaging is so bad that The Democrats are seen as Americas Social Democratic Party, when in fact it was the Socialist Party USA. Then Socialist Party of America the championed Democratic Choices for minorities and women.
W E B Dubois said, “The only chance for the Black Man in America is through Socialism.”
While Kennedy had the credit for being a Fighter for the races, actually it was not true. Kennedy was apprehensive of Martin Luther King, while he was readily accepted by the Socialists.
My cousins in Europe, members of the Democratic Party of the Left, ask me about the Death Penalty, and why we do not have a Multi-Party system. Isn’t that suppose to be Democracy-Freedom of choice? The land that brought Democracy to the New World, rarely uses it. Which is funny to Europeans.
Of course they wonder why the Green Party is mentioned so much and Parties like The Constitution Party, Reform Party are in the media. Why Not Socialism? The far left is frequently ignored in the Press.

It isn’t so amazing. As I get involved with the public I find that the people really like us. So it is obvious that the media gives out misinformation and lies about us frequently.
They do not want anyone to find us because we would be very electable.
The reason the myth of spoiler doesn’t ring true is because people who vote independent/third party are people who conscientiously hate the two party system, and are people who would never vote for the two party system. These are people who wouldn’t vote otherwise. And the voting percentage can go up from 30% to 35%.
Our mission is clear, we must find an alternative media and medium to reach the people.
Some people do not understand Proportional Representation.
Proportional Representation works this way. Voters vote for their first choice of Candidate, then there second choice of candidate, or an order of preference.
.The candidate with the most votes wins and this definitely does away with the need for a recount.
Instant Run Off happens when there is a tie. The top three Candidates are replaced on the Ballot and the voters vote again. Their usually are two choices and the top choice wins.
There is no question of a tie.
Public Financing of Elections removes the ultimate power of the Two Party
System. Each Candidate is publicly funded or receives donations from private citizens, not corporations or businesses.
Each Party and Candidate has equal access of free time in the media and each is represented in the press fairly and with objectivity.
This is the best voting democracy we could have. Problems are solved, every person has a chance, there is freedom of choice, and all voices are heard.
Of course we socialist must support our candidates now, we know we are stuck with a Undemocratic political system which shuts off alternative ideas and points of view.
We must become a more democratic party also and lead by example. People will be focusing on us one day and we must not let them down. If we blow it we can blow it forever. We had the hard times. Now it is time for the good times to roll.
We warded off the Communists and The Unfair treatment by the Greens.
It is time for us to Araise!

Interview With New Jersey Politics

Tino, first of all I want to thank you for joiningJerseyPolitics.comtoday!Question 1: There is a common misconception thatsocialism and communism are interchangable anddominantly have the same meaning. Why is that and whatare the clear differences between the two?Tino: Communism and Socialism have similar roots inthe fact that they are workers movements. AllCommunists call themselves Socialist, where not allSocialists call themsleves Communists. Communismdepends on either Marxism or Marxism with Trotskism.Democratic Socialism is pure democracy and free form.Not all Socialist are Marxists, many are religious,and philosphical, yet not dependent on dogmaticideology. We advocate public ownership, communismgovernment ownership.Question 2: Tino, I personally oppose thelegalization of marijuana except for medicalpurposes...for the reason I have friends from highschool to today, who smoked and couldn't stopsmoking, had to drop out of high school...they need tosmoke 4 or 5 times a day...I think thatis a dangerous addiction...granted there are manypeople who can smoke and aren't addicted, but thereare some....and what about those who deal marijuanato children in Newark and Rahway? Doyou support that action or if marijuna islegalized...should there be restrictions suchas you can't deal to a minor etc...or anyrestrictions?As a former Marijuana smoker I would say that I wouldsupport the legalization fo marijuana on the basisthat it is a victimless crime. In fact, what peoplewish to do in their privacy is there business.Marijunana is not an addicitve drug and messages inthe United States do not suppport the facts. Marijuanais less harmful then a few shots of vodka. Anyway,history shows us that prohibition doesn't work.Keeping it illegal only make black marketeers andlawyers wealthy. Which is why it is really keptillegal in the first place.There should absolutely be restrictions andminors should not smoke marijuana. Adults should onlysmoke marijuana during and what would be similar todrinking times. They should be similar to Alcohollaws.Question 3: What are the major differences betweenthe Socialist Party and the US Green Party? Would youever consider running as a Green?The Greens are a Socialist come Liberal Party. Themajor difference is that they are a Liberal ReformistParty, hosting the lost children of social democrats.They want things to change, yet, have them remain thesame as the Hippy movemnet did. And they will onlypreserve Capitalism. They have sold out in Europe andlost there credibility there. I would never, ever runas a Green for office. I am a Socialist, and that iswho I am politicaly.Question 4: Have you run for public office before?How much money has your campaign raised? How manyvolunteers do you have? How big is theUS Socialist Party....Has the party ever electedanyone to office in New Jersey...How many people havethey elected to office in the entirenation?I have run for office four times before, twice forCongress, once for Governor, once for State Assembly.I beat the Greens in Cumberland County eachelection,except the Gubernatorial race.I have no volunteers, I have raised about $700.00. TheParty has had two Mayor elected to Passaic andHaledon.We held offices in many major Cities, includingMilwaukee and Reading PA. I guess 1500 held varuiousoffices. Including Congress. we are are where the onlyelectable Socialist Party in America.Question 5: Governor McGreevey recently made anexecutive order banning state vendors from givingto state and county political campaigns. Do yousupport this?Yes, and I support the elimination of Pay for Play andother corrupt forms of politicing. Campaigns should bepublicly financed and all candidates should haveaccess to the media equally.Question 6: What are your thoughts on youropponents...LoBiondo, Robb,Alcantara, and Matthews? Have you met any of them?Mr Lobiondo is antilabor and not for the people. Hislegislation is anti labor and anti worker.He represent the worse aspects in Poltics.I met Mr Robb, and I think he is a nice man, butdisagree with his anti abortion and NRA stand.I met Mr Mathews before, he is a nice person also, butthe Libertarian agenda doesn't work in reality.Mr. Alcantara is knowledgeable, but he is a Green andI dislike the Greens as I see them as a PoliticalCult.I have no essential gripes with David Alcatara. Thankgoodnes we have more poltical parties to choose from.I hope the Natural Law Party makes a comeback. Isupport alternate parties.Question 7: Do you see any major differences betweenGeorge W. Bush or John F. Kerry? If so, What?There are no real differences between the two, Kerrysupported many things Bush supported, and in differentways the Republicrats will fufill each otherspolicies, and TV and the media will paint differentpictures of propiganda.Question 8: Realistically, Wouldn't the country bebetter off electing John Kerry to office and thenfighting to elect guys like Peter Camejo, Ralph Nader,David Cobb, Patricia LaMarche and others to statewideoffice to try to create more of a progressive change?I am fighting to elect Walt Brown and Mal Herbert. Andno it wouldn't be better to elect Kerry. Eugene V Debs(Our Party Founder)once said-It is better to vote forsomeone who wishes to fulfill your desires, then votefor someone who will not. Kerry will be no different.His Health Care initiative is standard capitalism,Health Care for the Rich.Question 9: How come the Socialist Party isn'tconcentrating on operating a true grassrootsoperation...nominating people to run for city council,mayor, school board, state assembly etc..instead ofseeking the bigger offices such as congress andpresident.We are and we do, Tommy Silva will be running forMayor of Paterson soon. Karen Kubby was elected in aIowa City Council position for Years.By the way, withthe Faulkner Laws it makes being a local candidateeven harder then runnning for President or Congress.I wanted to run for city council and tried a Coalitionwith the Greens, but they stabbed me in the back. Nowa conservative city council has gotten re-elected, andthey made it possible for Wal Mart to come in.Question 10: I will just say a few names and pleaselet me know the first few words that come into mindwhen you hear them...Malcom X - Journey toward elightenmentJackie Robinson - GreatnessKarl Marx - Great Thinker, and Philosopher(Unavoidabley-He made History eh?)V.I Lenin - A Criminal and TyrantMichael Moore - Great man telling the truth, butneeds to find Socialism in The Socilaist Party insteadof Democrats and Greens. Viva Socialismo!Thanks so much for your time!

RNC Protest

RNC Protest-Tino Rozzo
I met my fellow comrades after a long train ride from South Jersey. Things moved along swimmingly till I arrived at Newark. There where huge crowdsOf people lined up. It was tough getting through the turnstile.
On the Path train, I was interviewed by a youth radio producer, and in my interview I commented about the importance of voting, How we should change and get rid of the two party system. Also I addressed youth issues.
I made it to 17th and Broadway where I expected to meet more Party members.Some Marched off with the War Resisters League, while I marched with two folks from Pittsburg, Judith Wilson, and Vice Presidential Candidate Mal Herbert.
I thought it was important to garner media for us, so I started tackling reporters.We seemed to have gotten lots of media. I think this is the thing we needed toGet the Brown/Herbert campaign attention.
People of Variety where there, even folks from Togo, Brazil, and Canada.The protest was a bit different, out side of the heat, People where dropping confetti from buildings, there was a music performed by Greendragon. They where dressed in Revolutionary War outfits.
Also, there was a folk chorus in the crowd that sang fabulously. As always New York always offers free street entertainment. Edith and I spoke to the Canadians there. It seems Solidarity was quite international as different Left Canadians banded together to protest Bushed policies. The SP and NDP, and others for the first time I known have banded together and protested in Solidarity.
We need more international actions like this, and maybe next time Socialist Party USA Parade group. We should take further advantage of opportunities like this to promote the Party.

My Run For Congress

I am announcing my run for Congress again. Why? Because, everywhere we go today we know one thing remains prevalent. Our lives have been at there worse financial crisis ever. Overall we lost over 2.9 million private sector jobs.
This has happened during the Bush administration. Not since Herbert Hoover was President during the Great Depression has such a financial crisis happened.

Since January 2001, the US has lost 2.9 million jobs. These figure show that this is a detriment for first time workers and doesn’t even make a real dent in unemployment.

Almost 15 Million workers are unemployed; the underemployed feel looking for work is futile. Near 5 Million people working part time because they cannot fill part time jobs.
As the Bush administration cheers the statistics that 4.1 percent in a Job recovery, actually the real statistics are 6.3 percent and even higher.

Where deskilling of labor and automation are profitable, NAFTA and the new CAFTA will insure more manufacturing job losses. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, China is the manufacturing hub of the world.

75 million Americans have no health care and one third of our younger then 65 have no insurance. AARP has sold out Senior Citizens with the new Medicare Privatization scheme.

Economic Security have become things of the past: 2.9 Million Jobs lost, 2.8 manufacturing jobs lost, 3 million in poverty, 14.7 Million Unemployed or under employed. 8 Million with the help of Congress and the Senate will lose overtime pay.

*Most Statistics come from Bureau of Labor.
Every day in everyway the aspirations of the people are thwarted by a competitive system that rewards the few. People are fighting Revolutions in their daily lives to thrive and survive only to be met with detriment and defeated goals. The most important things that people produce are not commodities, but human relations of love, solidarity, Co-operation, and comradeship. These relations are what make security and happiness possible. When economic policy helps fulfill these human relations, it is positive. But economic policy is not the means of always beneficial and should not be the goal of human society.

All people seek to give their lives meaningful work, creativity, and deeds that contribute positively toward others. Human beings want to do the work that they believe is required to enable themselves and others to live, prosper, and be happy. When people are free to do this they don't need to be forced. The Peace Dividend would today give us all sorts of volunteer work for pay at a living wage, as well as the countless things people do for each other without even thinking of it as "work." Compulsion is a form of slavery, is only required when people are not free and an elite is forcing ordinary people to work for them. There are all kinds of wealth fare for the rich, but punishment for the poor.

We must Revolt and Protest. If we cannot succeed in office then other means maybe necessary. These means must be non violent protest. Each and every person should be inspired to revolt so they can fulfill their goals and aspirations. Although there are some hypnotized by the Horatio Alger myth and The meanderings of Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbuagh, eventually people will begin to see the light.

I am running as a Democratic Socialist with the Socialist Party USA.
Democratic Socialism adapts to the reality of our everyday lives.
Many of today's social problems can be traced to economic inequality. Crime, poverty, homelessness and unemployment all have social causes. The Socialist Party of New Jersey is dedicated to addressing these problems at their root. We need radical solutions to today's problems.
I believe we can change the world, so I am challenging the people for District 2. We need a new world and maybe the change you dare to make will have a residual effect in our state, nation and world.
Capitalism has nothing to offer but endless misery. We can succeed a new society.
Revolutions are built on hope, not despair.
We can make a path to a new society if we make it our goal. We need a path to take us there. We need a Government of wisdom and compassion, these principles.I reflect and are proud of them and stand by them.
The Socialist Party USA was once America’s third party, we can win again, only if you vote for us. Please do. Thank you.