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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Costantino Rozzo Chair: Socialist Party of New Jersey

The current campaign Funding System for New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidates should be eliminated. The system is unfair, undemocratic, and corrupt.
What should be supported in Public Elections where all candidates receive and equal share of funding, media exposure without editorializing or censorship.

The system doesn’t work and creates a winner take all economy for advantage candidates. This is unfair. While some candidates may have just two hundred dollars to work with, others will receive a jackpot after raising $300,000.

This also limits the appearances and campaign opportunities for the disadvantage candidates, while fostering more appearances and media opportunities for those who are winning the financial race.

As Financially disadvantages candidates do not get Fair and equitable treatment, they have no opportunities for outreach and exposure. It is like giving Goliath a chance to beat on David with more advantages, stacking the deck in the advantage candidate’s favor.

This system is a cheat to candidates with no out reach or resources. It deprives those already deprived.
This intended purpose of this system is inherently flawed and less than enlightened. By no means does this system been in placed with intent for a better Democracy. In fact in counter Democracy on every level.

Disallowing the people exposure to a candidate takes away freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and freedom to allow individuals to make up there own mind on their own accord.

This system should be repealed in behalf of Public Campaign funding for all candidates. It would foster a better Democracy and remove corruption and power brokering and allow fidelity to the citizen in a Government by the people and for the people.

Thank You

Gubernatorial Funding Debate

Costantino Rozzo Chair: Socialist Party of New Jersey

I state that I find this system fundamentally flawed. Where as this system creates a winner take all system of funding, it has a negative effect on Alternative Party Candidates, and especially Alternative Party candidates with out resources. Giving the designated winners in the Democratic and Republican parties unfair advantages. And Alternative Party’s and Independents with privilege and even great advantage over disadvantaged candidates. This creates an unfair winner take all campaign for election.

The system is implicitly and explicitly corrupt. Implicitly because of unfair advantages privilege candidates have. This creates censorship and suppression taking away the ability to reach the people in a fair an equitable basis.
It is explicitly corrupt because many candidates will have to sell themselves to the special interest to raise funds. This means a Candidate will no longer have fidelity to the people, but those who invest in them.
One candidate must do it their way and get money and votes.
If not, the money and votes disappear.
All Candidate Finding in New Jersey operates the same way. It incites corruption, creates unfair advantages,
Censors and suppresses Disadvantaged candidates.
In essence to create a better Democracy we should be serious about our approach to Democracy, which we are not.
In a real Democracy fairness and equality are key. All people can make a choice based on fairness. That fairness comes when ALL candidates get equal funding regardless of previously raised campaign funds.
The Gubernatorial Campaign Funding initiative should be a Gubernatorial Fair Election Funding initiative
Where all candidates benefit.
As far as Pay for Play goes, that is another manner of legalized corruption and a source of candidate purchasing/ Political prostitution seems to be the order of the day in New Jersey. The system must be changed for fairness and equity.

Thank You