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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Socialism is For the Middle Class Too.


VALUES: We are human beings and it can be assumed we share the same values. Everyone likes peace, ecology, animals. Everyone has the ability to feel compassion and love, Everyone has the notion we can have a better life and fulfillment. We all wish to fulfill out aspirations.

MYTHS AND LIES:You have heard many lies and myths about Socialism and it is about time we clear things up. We live in a time where television inundates us with Horatio Alger myths. Infomercials tell us we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. These are nothing more the get rich quick schemes based in lies.

No, actually many things you have heard about socialism is fact erroneous.
Many programs can actually reduce cost and eliminate wasteful government.
National Health Care: Can actually downsize unnecessary Government
And taxes “will not rise.”
Welfare Reform: The Basic Income Grant can actually downsize useless government offices and, intern, eliminate poverty. The money spent on useless government can reduce government, save on taxes, and give each citizen a Guaranteed Income. Even with this so called Hand Out-The price of Government employees and their bosses could be used for the BIG and still save money.
There are many programs the government has the costs the tax payer-redundant government-buddy jobs-corporate welfare-white collar crimes. These all cost the tax payer billions of dollars.

ACTUALLY EXCISTING CAPITALISM: Capitalists are not loyal. People going into business actually think they are Capitalists. In many sense they are. But how many times have Capitalists sold out their loyalty? If you once owned a pharmacy you will find Capitalists Politicians make it possible for franchises to compete with YOUR Business with special breaks. While 350 pharmacies go out of business everyday-there are new Chain Store Pharmacies, that put them out of business. Notice how many of your old friends have gone out of business to be replaced by the franchise business.
While the local government privatizes the public utility. The public utility is free to use deregulation to increase prices, provide inefficient services, and these companies don’t even live in or no our Communities.
In Montana a time honored Electric Utility was privatized. This near 100 year old dependable utility was ravaged when privatized. The entire community, even local stores went into economic collapse.
While in Montana in another location, the is a Co-operative power plant, and a Business Co-op which people from miles around use. These Co-ops give employees work place democracy and saved the local economy because of the maintenance if fair equity and stabilization of the economy. No privatization nor price gouging. This can be viewed as an Actually existing Socialist economy. Even with out a Socialist government. Even the time honored Entrepreneur gets a chance to survive.

SOCIALIST ECONOMIES DON”T WORK AND BRING UP TAXES: Conservatives use foreign countries like Sweden to point out high taxes. Sweden as many countries has little resources. These countries lack a
National wealth that can help with their economies.
But we have had Socialism in America. In Milwaukee, while the great depression raged on the city was the only city in the USA not to go into Default. A Milwaukee newspapers reported lately-“Things were not This Bad When The Socialists Where in Office.” In The Karala State of India they have use a Combination of Keynesian and Marxist ideas to run there economy and the Karala State is now one of the premier States in Asia.
Many Cities in the USA are using the Socialist ideas of Sustainability. Chattanooga, Evansville, and a few other cities have used Old Socialist Ideology of Sustainability to clear up pollution, improve the quality of life, and allow for a more stable economy. Even with out a Socialist government Socialist ideas are implemented for town and city improvement.

Today Corporations have employees leave their life insurance policy to the company rather then their families. Also, the wealthy get free SUVs and Beach Front Houses on special government programs.
Enron and other Corporations invested their employees retirement funds in the stock market and lost
Everyone’s pension. It seems that the Government provides Socialism for the rich, how about you?
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