Vote Rozzo

Friday, August 26, 2005

Immanent Domain

Abraham Lincoln once said you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time. In today’s would he would be wrong. Immanent Domain is the evil twin of privatization. In New Jersey the state of political ideology is Apartheid and Gentrification.
Immanent Domain is an attack on our Solidarity as a community. The idea behind these projects is to steal home from homeowners, than build home more expensive than ever, replacing the original neighborhood with a wealthier neighborhood. This is part of the class war against working families. The prosperity and jobs carrot is one of the tricks used to fool people into thinking this is good for all when it is only good for those who benefit.
The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City is one example. They busted up an entirely good neighborhood for a Casino and a tunnel-a tunnel almost no one uses. A Neighborhood destroyed because they had solidarity and was in the way of the Atlantic City political structure.
I grew up vacationing in Long Branch, being born and raised in Paterson I considered myself quite lucky to have a beach nearby. The home where quaint and I love the Inn we stayed at on Matilda Terrace. I even used to take my College dates on train rides from Newark to my favorite beach.
Christy Todd Whitman privatized most public entities. The entities provided and income for the state, which kept property taxes down. Now we have to pay higher taxes because she did her rich friends a favor.
In New York, North Jersey, and other parts real estate prices became out of the reach of the common worker, places once blue collar like Hoboken. Hackensack, and Metuchen are now yuppie communities. In my younger days you could have a basic job, get a pad, and live like a king. That isn’t the case anymore.
The idea is gentrification to replace lower income people with higher income people, then apartheid, displace low to middle income families and remove their empowerment so they may even have to leave the state.
According to the U N Charter of Human Rights this is a Violation. I live in South Jersey and would love to live in North Jersey. That has become impossible because even if I where making good money, I still cannot afford a decent place. In essence I have been displaced from my homeland, my people, my culture, my way of life.
I miss home everyday and I have been marooned outside of it for years. I resent that.
That is why I am running for Governor of New Jersey as a Socialist Party USA candidate. I am not allowed the same press coverage as Corzine or Forrester and we in alternative parties are alienated from the system.
Our Bastille Day is way overdue, and we need to open our national and local sense of consciousness to what is really going. We must snap out of it. Realize the system doesn’t work and change it. So, your vote for me is a vote against the system that is ruining our lives. We need a fair and equitable system. The two party system will never deliver that, they are all business.