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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Homeless in Vineland NJ

Reading David Klausen’s article on homelessness is a lesson in our lives we must
Mr. Klausen’s article is replete with the dark hearted ignorance we are plagued with today.
The homeless do not ask to be homeless. But they are Societies and a Sociological problem. Once again displaying a major defect in our political enviroment here in Vineland, and the rest of America.
We live in a dark ages where myths and misinformation plague our sense of humanity.
Hitler during WW2 was successful at dehumanizing Jews with propaganda. Our Right wing in this nation has done the same with the poor.
If we effect the policies of a Basic Income, Living Wage, Affordable Housing, Jobs for all in a manner of various implementations the government can provide.
But I can understand Mr. Klausen. He is a man who has worked hard, and believes he and his kindred deserve peace and safety in there community. Once again it is our systems fault. If Vineland where a Sustainable Community we would have better solutions for the Homeless. But Mr. Klausen is speaking from fear. I known the homeless intimately.
Their problem stems from varied degrees of poverty. Many Homeless are working families, many are people who fell through the cracks because of the systems inadequacies. Poverty is important on a political scope because the impoverished can be turned into indentured servants, disposable after the labor exploitation with is perpetuated by the welfare system. Who could believe needy senior citizens could only get $10 a month from TANF.
The awful thing about Mr. Klausen is that he parrots the ignorance of the extreme right. The answer is not to get the homeless out of their enviroment , but to improve their enviroment. And the quality of life.
Homeless behavior, such as urinating in the street, or drug abuse, and other things do happen, but that is because-they have no where else to go. Drugs come into play do to the deadening of the mind from the effects of poverty.
I have met many homeless people. I stayed at Poverty Hotels and Other inadequate living facilities in my life and they are the daylight side of a nightmare.
The defect of the system is we make these people then blame them for turning out this way. Conservative Ignorance shuns social programs thusly perpetuating more misery
Compounding the burdens of the poor and society. Conservatives create a vicious cycle
Of misery than blame others for it. Than the labels and myths come. What the poor need is a rescue.
No one aspires to become homeless or poor. The system isn’t about fulfilling our aspirations. It is about defeatism. Successful people and upper middle class people cannot even relate to the poor. I was making good money at a time, yet because of rent and expenses, I ate Egg Salad Sandwiches everyday. When I had something more nutritious to eat finally, I thought my body would go into shock.

That is all I could afford. Laundrey and rent and the cost of living was too high even with good money. I met many poor and homeless. Few where mentally ill, yet I have met some really beautiful souls who lives hadn’t worked out. I hear conservatives today, even religious ones say that welfare is immoral. And these people are hooked into the Christian Right. Yet I read in the Bible All god wants for his children is abundance and joy. Those who mend the sick and host the poor earn the keys to the kingdom, and finally, Gods highest virtue is charity.
I have seven bibles and have read those words in all seven.
And enlightened society and government solves problems. The long mean season and dark ages continues on. When will it come to an end