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Monday, June 20, 2005

Running For Governor

Running for Governor isn’t easy. People will ask questions. These questions aren’t easy to answer. In our world of instant gratifying sound bites, things are more complicated. Issues cannot easily be expressed because issues are complicated with tons of data.
When Ross Perot was asked questions, he didn’t seem to know the answers, though spoke about them in his Infomercials.
Data is vast and hard to hold onto, but we all have initial ideas. The initial ideas are root ideas that are worthy of merit.
The question many would have is could you explain your agenda. The basic agenda is on the website. Mostly, explained on the website.
Then the question is, How are you going to have this stuff passed? Well, since I am not going to be elected, and we are out numbered, by the two party duopoly, which is maintaining the status quo.
The Candidacy is an expression of protest. It is about getting members, letting people who are like minded know you are there.
One day this may translate into a majority. We realistically cannot expect too much.
Now, or in the near future.
When we look at it the world has chosen Socialism as its leading political transformation.
Portugal, Spain, four South American countries, and Argentina. New Zealand has Helen Clark of the Labor Party and Canada’s Socialist Party the New Democratic Party usually
Lead for transformation.
The is no Utopia nor perfect society, yet each people of each nation wishes to institute humane economics with real transformation. Not reform like the Democrats, Republicans, or Greens.
Politics and elections in Te United State are rigged to designated winners. Ballot Access, real democracy, publicly funded Elections, are all an impossibility in the two Party System.
In a Democracy everyone’s word is heard with out censorship. People have freedom of choice to maintain or dispose of the government. In a poll 87% of the people wanted alternative parties to vote for.
Yet in New Jersey and the USA, Alternative Parties are stifled. The Greens and Libertarians get a fairer share of the pie, but further to the left, parties are regularly ignored and get no press.
In Europe and other countries up to ten parties are on the ballot. There is no myth of stealing votes. No one can steal a vote, people vote on their own volition.
There is 97% voter turn out, while here on 37% vote.
The media tells spin and myths about politics here. My suggestion-Educate yourself.
Go to the library, hit the net. There is a website called Broad Left.
There are three Socialist Parties in America, actually two.
Socialist Party USA. Socialist Labor Party. Socialist Workers Party is a Communist Splinter group. Communists call themselves Socialist because of broad appeal to workers. All communists are Socialists, not all socialist are communists, as all socialists are social democrats, but not all social democrats are socialists.
As a socialist I believe in a progressive freeform non philosophical non dogmatic and pure non contrived avenue of democracy. A true and real democracy.