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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Facts and Myths About Elections

The Myths and Facts About Elections:
By Tino Rozzo

We always hear that when one almost similar candidate runs, that they could take votes away from the one of the two party candidates. This is a myth. Why, because the facts are
People will vote for anyone, that is an independent, that is not tied to the two party system.
In Europe each country has many political parties. In Some countries there are five, to seven, and in rare cases ten major political parties in which none is denied access.
Each has equal timing in the media.
The media, Unlike the United States is objective and fair. That is because the US media is owned by major corporations that own the two party system and they wish to control the political future.
Lies like Spoiler, vote stealer, and others are given to those who oppose the two party system. This works slightly because of media messaging and addiction to the two party system. This is the case in England where the two popular parties are the Conservatives and Labor. However in England varied Socialist and independent groups can win in minor categories.
In the United States, only 30% of voters vote. 70% don’t vote because they are not happy with the system and will not vote for alternative parties, as they should. It is unconstitutional to make voting compulsory. In Europe Voting in compulsory.
The reason Europe has better Democratic Elections can be credited to the Democratic Socialist Parties on one hand, and historically people in Europe in the past did not have the right to vote because most people where serfs, and there where very few if any Democracies, let alone Republics. People have a greater appreciation for the vote because many people where denied for centuries. The United States is a relatively young country,
We have not had our age of Philosophy, or a golden era of Renaissance.
. The United States is still undemocratic policy. There was a time only landowners could vote, women’s suffrage only happened in the Twenties, Minorities finally got a chance to vote.
Messaging is so bad that The Democrats are seen as Americas Social Democratic Party, when in fact it was the Socialist Party USA. Then Socialist Party of America the championed Democratic Choices for minorities and women.
W E B Dubois said, “The only chance for the Black Man in America is through Socialism.”
While Kennedy had the credit for being a Fighter for the races, actually it was not true. Kennedy was apprehensive of Martin Luther King, while he was readily accepted by the Socialists.
My cousins in Europe, members of the Democratic Party of the Left, ask me about the Death Penalty, and why we do not have a Multi-Party system. Isn’t that suppose to be Democracy-Freedom of choice? The land that brought Democracy to the New World, rarely uses it. Which is funny to Europeans.
Of course they wonder why the Green Party is mentioned so much and Parties like The Constitution Party, Reform Party are in the media. Why Not Socialism? The far left is frequently ignored in the Press.

It isn’t so amazing. As I get involved with the public I find that the people really like us. So it is obvious that the media gives out misinformation and lies about us frequently.
They do not want anyone to find us because we would be very electable.
The reason the myth of spoiler doesn’t ring true is because people who vote independent/third party are people who conscientiously hate the two party system, and are people who would never vote for the two party system. These are people who wouldn’t vote otherwise. And the voting percentage can go up from 30% to 35%.
Our mission is clear, we must find an alternative media and medium to reach the people.
Some people do not understand Proportional Representation.
Proportional Representation works this way. Voters vote for their first choice of Candidate, then there second choice of candidate, or an order of preference.
.The candidate with the most votes wins and this definitely does away with the need for a recount.
Instant Run Off happens when there is a tie. The top three Candidates are replaced on the Ballot and the voters vote again. Their usually are two choices and the top choice wins.
There is no question of a tie.
Public Financing of Elections removes the ultimate power of the Two Party
System. Each Candidate is publicly funded or receives donations from private citizens, not corporations or businesses.
Each Party and Candidate has equal access of free time in the media and each is represented in the press fairly and with objectivity.
This is the best voting democracy we could have. Problems are solved, every person has a chance, there is freedom of choice, and all voices are heard.
Of course we socialist must support our candidates now, we know we are stuck with a Undemocratic political system which shuts off alternative ideas and points of view.
We must become a more democratic party also and lead by example. People will be focusing on us one day and we must not let them down. If we blow it we can blow it forever. We had the hard times. Now it is time for the good times to roll.
We warded off the Communists and The Unfair treatment by the Greens.
It is time for us to Araise!