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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Interview With New Jersey Politics

Tino, first of all I want to thank you for joiningJerseyPolitics.comtoday!Question 1: There is a common misconception thatsocialism and communism are interchangable anddominantly have the same meaning. Why is that and whatare the clear differences between the two?Tino: Communism and Socialism have similar roots inthe fact that they are workers movements. AllCommunists call themselves Socialist, where not allSocialists call themsleves Communists. Communismdepends on either Marxism or Marxism with Trotskism.Democratic Socialism is pure democracy and free form.Not all Socialist are Marxists, many are religious,and philosphical, yet not dependent on dogmaticideology. We advocate public ownership, communismgovernment ownership.Question 2: Tino, I personally oppose thelegalization of marijuana except for medicalpurposes...for the reason I have friends from highschool to today, who smoked and couldn't stopsmoking, had to drop out of high school...they need tosmoke 4 or 5 times a day...I think thatis a dangerous addiction...granted there are manypeople who can smoke and aren't addicted, but thereare some....and what about those who deal marijuanato children in Newark and Rahway? Doyou support that action or if marijuna islegalized...should there be restrictions suchas you can't deal to a minor etc...or anyrestrictions?As a former Marijuana smoker I would say that I wouldsupport the legalization fo marijuana on the basisthat it is a victimless crime. In fact, what peoplewish to do in their privacy is there business.Marijunana is not an addicitve drug and messages inthe United States do not suppport the facts. Marijuanais less harmful then a few shots of vodka. Anyway,history shows us that prohibition doesn't work.Keeping it illegal only make black marketeers andlawyers wealthy. Which is why it is really keptillegal in the first place.There should absolutely be restrictions andminors should not smoke marijuana. Adults should onlysmoke marijuana during and what would be similar todrinking times. They should be similar to Alcohollaws.Question 3: What are the major differences betweenthe Socialist Party and the US Green Party? Would youever consider running as a Green?The Greens are a Socialist come Liberal Party. Themajor difference is that they are a Liberal ReformistParty, hosting the lost children of social democrats.They want things to change, yet, have them remain thesame as the Hippy movemnet did. And they will onlypreserve Capitalism. They have sold out in Europe andlost there credibility there. I would never, ever runas a Green for office. I am a Socialist, and that iswho I am politicaly.Question 4: Have you run for public office before?How much money has your campaign raised? How manyvolunteers do you have? How big is theUS Socialist Party....Has the party ever electedanyone to office in New Jersey...How many people havethey elected to office in the entirenation?I have run for office four times before, twice forCongress, once for Governor, once for State Assembly.I beat the Greens in Cumberland County eachelection,except the Gubernatorial race.I have no volunteers, I have raised about $700.00. TheParty has had two Mayor elected to Passaic andHaledon.We held offices in many major Cities, includingMilwaukee and Reading PA. I guess 1500 held varuiousoffices. Including Congress. we are are where the onlyelectable Socialist Party in America.Question 5: Governor McGreevey recently made anexecutive order banning state vendors from givingto state and county political campaigns. Do yousupport this?Yes, and I support the elimination of Pay for Play andother corrupt forms of politicing. Campaigns should bepublicly financed and all candidates should haveaccess to the media equally.Question 6: What are your thoughts on youropponents...LoBiondo, Robb,Alcantara, and Matthews? Have you met any of them?Mr Lobiondo is antilabor and not for the people. Hislegislation is anti labor and anti worker.He represent the worse aspects in Poltics.I met Mr Robb, and I think he is a nice man, butdisagree with his anti abortion and NRA stand.I met Mr Mathews before, he is a nice person also, butthe Libertarian agenda doesn't work in reality.Mr. Alcantara is knowledgeable, but he is a Green andI dislike the Greens as I see them as a PoliticalCult.I have no essential gripes with David Alcatara. Thankgoodnes we have more poltical parties to choose from.I hope the Natural Law Party makes a comeback. Isupport alternate parties.Question 7: Do you see any major differences betweenGeorge W. Bush or John F. Kerry? If so, What?There are no real differences between the two, Kerrysupported many things Bush supported, and in differentways the Republicrats will fufill each otherspolicies, and TV and the media will paint differentpictures of propiganda.Question 8: Realistically, Wouldn't the country bebetter off electing John Kerry to office and thenfighting to elect guys like Peter Camejo, Ralph Nader,David Cobb, Patricia LaMarche and others to statewideoffice to try to create more of a progressive change?I am fighting to elect Walt Brown and Mal Herbert. Andno it wouldn't be better to elect Kerry. Eugene V Debs(Our Party Founder)once said-It is better to vote forsomeone who wishes to fulfill your desires, then votefor someone who will not. Kerry will be no different.His Health Care initiative is standard capitalism,Health Care for the Rich.Question 9: How come the Socialist Party isn'tconcentrating on operating a true grassrootsoperation...nominating people to run for city council,mayor, school board, state assembly etc..instead ofseeking the bigger offices such as congress andpresident.We are and we do, Tommy Silva will be running forMayor of Paterson soon. Karen Kubby was elected in aIowa City Council position for Years.By the way, withthe Faulkner Laws it makes being a local candidateeven harder then runnning for President or Congress.I wanted to run for city council and tried a Coalitionwith the Greens, but they stabbed me in the back. Nowa conservative city council has gotten re-elected, andthey made it possible for Wal Mart to come in.Question 10: I will just say a few names and pleaselet me know the first few words that come into mindwhen you hear them...Malcom X - Journey toward elightenmentJackie Robinson - GreatnessKarl Marx - Great Thinker, and Philosopher(Unavoidabley-He made History eh?)V.I Lenin - A Criminal and TyrantMichael Moore - Great man telling the truth, butneeds to find Socialism in The Socilaist Party insteadof Democrats and Greens. Viva Socialismo!Thanks so much for your time!