Vote Rozzo

Monday, June 02, 2008

Plans To Serve in Congress.


My plans for Congress, is to have our Representatives become part of the progressive caucus.

Our Goals will be to bring Congress back to the Progressive era and install policies that will change America for the better.

These Goals are:

1. Eliminate Secret Shadow Governments and open a department of peace.

2. Declare War on Poverty using current ideas and schemes not being used.
(Such as the Universal Income, Public Works)

3. Have the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and get back to method of Sharing The Wealth.

4. Return States Rights and Control Back to the communities. Funding with out taxation so Cities will not have squalor.

5. Have Social Programs that work and accountable government. No more throwing money at the problems. Have them well managed by Accountable Government.

6. Install Environmental Programs on Par with Sustainable Community/Livable Community Programs. No new Stadium or Convention Halls, or frivolous spending. Eliminate Slums and Ghettos for Affordable housing.

7. Make Pork Barrel Spending Obsolete. Frugal and Accountable Government with Government Auditor General and Responsible Accountability.

8. Change Elections. Full Ballot Access nationally. Public Funding of Elections.
Vote of No Confidence. The Primary will host all National Parties in a Primary.
The Top Three will be chosen in a Secondary, Instant Run Off Election.

9. The Constitution is Fragile. Install the Bill of Democratic Rights.

10. Court and Legal reform. Nationalization of Major Industries.

11. Creating Jobs through Public Works, Co-operative development, and other means.

12. Installment of full Human and Animal Rights. Adapt Kyoto Protocol. Adapt the Bill of Human Rights.

We live in time where our politicians need to get away from Reagan Era
“Cold War Against The People” Politics To a new era of Humanity
and Vision. We must represent all people in an all inclusive umbrella. The dark era must be brought to and end.