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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My Run For Congress

I am announcing my run for Congress again. Why? Because, everywhere we go today we know one thing remains prevalent. Our lives have been at there worse financial crisis ever. Overall we lost over 2.9 million private sector jobs.
This has happened during the Bush administration. Not since Herbert Hoover was President during the Great Depression has such a financial crisis happened.

Since January 2001, the US has lost 2.9 million jobs. These figure show that this is a detriment for first time workers and doesn’t even make a real dent in unemployment.

Almost 15 Million workers are unemployed; the underemployed feel looking for work is futile. Near 5 Million people working part time because they cannot fill part time jobs.
As the Bush administration cheers the statistics that 4.1 percent in a Job recovery, actually the real statistics are 6.3 percent and even higher.

Where deskilling of labor and automation are profitable, NAFTA and the new CAFTA will insure more manufacturing job losses. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, China is the manufacturing hub of the world.

75 million Americans have no health care and one third of our younger then 65 have no insurance. AARP has sold out Senior Citizens with the new Medicare Privatization scheme.

Economic Security have become things of the past: 2.9 Million Jobs lost, 2.8 manufacturing jobs lost, 3 million in poverty, 14.7 Million Unemployed or under employed. 8 Million with the help of Congress and the Senate will lose overtime pay.

*Most Statistics come from Bureau of Labor.
Every day in everyway the aspirations of the people are thwarted by a competitive system that rewards the few. People are fighting Revolutions in their daily lives to thrive and survive only to be met with detriment and defeated goals. The most important things that people produce are not commodities, but human relations of love, solidarity, Co-operation, and comradeship. These relations are what make security and happiness possible. When economic policy helps fulfill these human relations, it is positive. But economic policy is not the means of always beneficial and should not be the goal of human society.

All people seek to give their lives meaningful work, creativity, and deeds that contribute positively toward others. Human beings want to do the work that they believe is required to enable themselves and others to live, prosper, and be happy. When people are free to do this they don't need to be forced. The Peace Dividend would today give us all sorts of volunteer work for pay at a living wage, as well as the countless things people do for each other without even thinking of it as "work." Compulsion is a form of slavery, is only required when people are not free and an elite is forcing ordinary people to work for them. There are all kinds of wealth fare for the rich, but punishment for the poor.

We must Revolt and Protest. If we cannot succeed in office then other means maybe necessary. These means must be non violent protest. Each and every person should be inspired to revolt so they can fulfill their goals and aspirations. Although there are some hypnotized by the Horatio Alger myth and The meanderings of Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbuagh, eventually people will begin to see the light.

I am running as a Democratic Socialist with the Socialist Party USA.
Democratic Socialism adapts to the reality of our everyday lives.
Many of today's social problems can be traced to economic inequality. Crime, poverty, homelessness and unemployment all have social causes. The Socialist Party of New Jersey is dedicated to addressing these problems at their root. We need radical solutions to today's problems.
I believe we can change the world, so I am challenging the people for District 2. We need a new world and maybe the change you dare to make will have a residual effect in our state, nation and world.
Capitalism has nothing to offer but endless misery. We can succeed a new society.
Revolutions are built on hope, not despair.
We can make a path to a new society if we make it our goal. We need a path to take us there. We need a Government of wisdom and compassion, these principles.I reflect and are proud of them and stand by them.
The Socialist Party USA was once America’s third party, we can win again, only if you vote for us. Please do. Thank you.