Vote Rozzo

Thursday, November 18, 2004


The popular notions of economic development must
We have developed a society based on materialist
greed and
wasteful consumerism. That must change. We need to
build a society that embraces a sustainable future,
one that
balances our ecological needs with our financial

Communities are recklessly
being destroyed by rampant development. This
development has brought too many strip malls, Mc Mansions, etc and not
enough economic development which produces
quality, living wage jobs.

Cooperatives are businesses owned by employees.
They are run on a democratic basis and fulfill
economic and social needs.

Our future must contain a greater degree of
cooperative enterprise. We must develop and build
cooperatives so people can have quality jobs that
sustain them.

The advantages of cooperatives are that they are
democratic, self sufficient, equal, give equity,
provide a living wage, and are ecologically sound.

There are many cooperatives that can be developed.
Worker-owned supermarkets, energy companies,
phone companies, social needs co-ops, etc.

Co-ops should be developed in place of welfare,
they can alleviate poverty, re-develop
communities, and sustain the natural environment.

This would give people the ability to control their
own work. Employees would have control of the means
of production. It would also eliminate the mindless
mind numbing jobs entrenched in Taylorism and
workfare programs which pay slave wages.

We need a welfare system that will give people
freedom, and not manage poverty. We can change
so every person can live a happy, fulfilling life.

One of the best systems of co-op enterprise is the
Mondragon system of Spain's Basque region. Co-ops
are not a dream, we have real-world examples to
guide us.

We have co-ops in America that provide inexpensive
food, and were the first in product labeling and
consumer conciousness in providing quality products.

We need a better system of work environment. In
Europe and Canada they have:

1. Six weeks paid vacation.
2. National Health Care.
3. Social programs that work.
4. A Living Wage.
5. Free Continued College and University.
6. Ecological Development

By cutting back on government waste and corporate
welfare programs we could literally afford all of
this for our nation and share with developing

Transforming our attitudes away from the coldness of
todays thinking, we could develop a society
where we develop more compassionate, charitable
mentality. Where the national wealth is shared and
put an end to the torture of poverty . When I am in
Washington, I will fight for the right for everyone
fulfill their aspirations.

I am a candidate because I wish to transform